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Why some mail goes to spam?

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Why some mail goes to spam? Empty Re: Why some mail goes to spam?

Post  helma Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:33 pm

Spam is mail that you did not ask for and you do not want, Sukhi. It can be advertisements for products both legitimate or illegal. It can be chain letters, or those sob stories, some asking for get well cards or money. It can be scams attempting to get your personal information and/or money. They can also contain malicious code that can cause damage to your computer. Spam is a waste of time and energy for almost everyone and to be avoided if possible.

If you have legitimate mail going into your 'spam' folder, then go into the 'spam' folder and open the item you wish to keep. Click on the 'Not spam' button and it will be returned to your in box, also allowing that address to be delivered to the in box from now on. However, go in periodically and check to insure all items are spam.
Also, make sure that address is in your address book, as it helps to ensure that address as a "safe" one.
Now, I must warn you, if you get another E-mail that has the look of spam again, it will once more be redirected to the 'spam' folder, and you will have to do this all over again.
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