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.... This has got to stop.

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.... This has got to stop. Empty .... This has got to stop.

Post  Nemerah Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:40 pm

I don't mind if we recruit new members...

But i told EVERYONE we have to stop until i figure out who is in Hoax atm, due to the fact that ppl are recruiting members behind my back. The ONLY person who can recruit without asking me immediately is Sefee. If any of the rest of you want someone to join, ask her or me. Don't give out our website and have people register if me or Sefee have not given the ok. If i see anyone on here I haven't agreed to or Sef hasn't, I will inform Leo and he will remove them.

It's a fair warning to everyone.

Also, if I must, I will have a Hoax test to weed out certain members. This is not a "friends with benefits" club, Just bc someone is ur friend doesnt mean I have to like them or allow them to join Hoax x_X...

So far I have yet to deny someone entry, so it's all ok, but I'm learning of some members waaaaay too late. Keep this in mind guys, we need a tight knit group of people who are willing to act like.... idk, they know how to play. That's all.


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